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It’s exciting flipping through the security magazines and seeing a PSA member in the news!  In this post we highlight Altec Systems, Kratos/HBE, Aronson Security Group and Lone Star Communications.

Security Systems News: “A host of services at Altec Systems” “From selling a box to selling a service” is Altec’s new successful business model. Not only are they offering hosted access control and remote guarding, but they are also offering IT services like hosted desktop, phone, email and servers which will surpass their RMR for physical security. According to the article, Tim Feury, President of Altec Systems, hopes to sell nothing but hosted or managed access control in the future. His wife, Mary Feury was really helpful to the success of the company with her background in IT and a Six Sigma Black Belt.

To learn more on how Altec is succeeding in its new business model, read full article.

Security Systems News: “Kratos/HBE discuss future”  Since Kratos and Henry Brothers collided December 15, 2010, Kratos has been hard at work discussing strategies and goals for the 2011 year. Jim Henry met with the senior management team January 10th to ensure a smooth integration of the operations. “As EVP of our Public Safety and Security Segment Jim is a key part of our team,” said Ben Goodwin, president of Public Safety & Security Solutions segment of Kratos.

To read more about the exciting new phase of Kratos/HBE’s journey read full article.

Security Systems News Brief: “ASG prepares for 10th annual summit”

Full article:Aronson Security Group is making final preparations for its tenth annual ASG Security Summit, which will take place in Seattle, Washington on March 8, Mike Kobelin, Oregon director of sales for ASG told Security Systems News. 

The summit will feature four keynoters including Mike Howard from Microsoft and Bob Hayes of the Security Executive Council. Kobelin characterized the summit, which draws about 400 of ASG’s clients and prospective clients, as a “great conversation, where attendees share ideas and discuss what’s going on in their worlds.” For more information visit”

The Great Conversation will continue at PSA-TEC May 16-20th.

SecurityInfoWatch: “The Apple of Your Eye” Today, schools and campuses need a good security integration partner like Lone Star Communications in Grand Prairie, Texas. Lone Star specializes in the K-12 market and predominately installs public address systems and fire alarms. After that, it depends on the customers’ needs and goals for their specified approach.

To learn more about how Lone Star protects schools and campuses read full article.

If you have been featured in the news and we missed it, please let us know and we will post about it on our social media sites! (Plus, we love to know what all of our members are up to).


In the case study “Remote Video Monitoring Keeping Eyes on Critical Procurement Facility,” Southwest Transplant Alliance (STA) is a “non-profit organ and tissue donor program serving hospitals and patients throughout Texas” and is the link between those who need an organ and those who are willing to become donors.

Security is very important in not only the process of coordinating the procurement of organs, but for the medical records and employee safety as well. Integrator Support LLC connected G4S and NSA (Notification Systems of America) to protect the parking structure which is attached to the facility located near a public transportation hub.

To provide more insight about the problem, solution, and benefits of this remote video monitoring system, I interviewed three key people: Sharon Shaw, Director of Education at PSA Security Network; Jonathan Ellis, VP of NSA; and Jerry Cordasco, VP of Operations at G4S.

Part I Sharon Shaw discusses PSA’s Integrator Support program.

Sharon Shaw: Director of Education at PSA Security Network

1. How did Integrator Support assist this integrator in earning this business?

SS: We provided the services through our partner, G4S Monitoring and Data Center. Additionally, we provided Notification Systems of America (the systems integrator) with customized sales materials, pricing estimators, technical documents and effective training.

2. Are many integrators adopting the managed services business model?

SS:Yes and no. Most have accepted the fact that: change is inevitable, however, many of these companies have yet to truly commit to the new model. Including managed services in with their core offerings is not a daunting task, it just requires becoming an Integrator Support dealer, the dedication of personnel and clear, attainable sales goals.

3. Does IS provide both the services and the technology?

SS: Integrator Support is a service provider, and we have partnered with the PSA Security Network for integrators to acquire the technology. We frequently run promotions together where integrators can save on the equipment and services by purchasing the product through PSA and the services through Integrator Support.

Stay tuned for PART II of III for the Jonathan Ellis of NSA interview next week!

When SSI covered “Repositioning Sparks 240% Business Growth for N.C. Integrator” they were referring to PSA Security Network Integrator, Intelligent Access Systems (IAS) who was awarded by NSCA with the 2011 Excellence in Business Award. NSCA awards businesses who have used their best practices to run a successful business. IAS did just that. Even in this unstable economy.

Through Business Model Innovation, IAS had increased their growth rate by 240% over three years. They positioned their business to focus on the regulatory side to gain more overall jobs. IAS also took advantage of offering IT custom services to their clients in order to pass their audits to serve the regulated business segment.

Some key takeaways that IAS exemplified in its successful growth strategy are:

  • Learn the different standards and regulations
  • A strong project manager is key
  • Review marketing strategies annually
  • Be pertinent and learn from your mistakes

Click here to read more about IAS Business Model Innovation and its 2011 Excellence in Business Award.

Don’t forget to Congratulate IAS when you see them at PSA-TEC!

Other important links:

IAS LinkedIn Group

Ron Oetjen LinkedIn President of IAS


Hi! I am the fox that PSA brought home to mind their new store and I haven’t been given a name yet!  So I need YOUR help!

On February 1, 2011 the “Name the PSA fox” contest begins!   The person who submits the best name to fit my personality will win $100 VISA gift card. Who wouldn’t want that?

Please don’t fail me. We all know someone whose parents have picked a horrible name for them. I’ve met some like Doris, Lola, Zelda, and some would say Bill Bozeman! I’d really, really like to find a good one… So I’m counting on you.

Yes… You!

Here are the contest rules:

  1. How to enter: No purchase necessary. The contest is running only through February 2011. Please make your submission on the wordpress blog or via email to only otherwise your submission will not be counted. Make your submission no later than 5pm MNT Monday February 28, 2011. Your email should include your name, company you work for, contact #, email address, and a name for the PSA fox.
  2. Prizes and winner selection: A winner will be selected by March 7, 2011 and announced on March 9th. The winner will be selected by the PSA staff that votes on the best name suitable for the PSA fox. If you are the lucky winner, you receive a $100 VISA gift card. If two or more participants submit the same name, the contestant who has submitted the name first will win.
  3. Eligibility: Eligible contestants are all members or PSA Security Network. PSA staff members are not eligible to participate.

 Top 7 Things You Might Have Missed In January 2011


7. SDM Magazine Dealer of the Year Process 

Have you ever wondered how SDM Magazine chooses its annual Dealer of the Year? To see the in-depth process and all of the annual winners in the past 31 years, check this out.

According to Heather Klotz-Young, Sr. Editor of SDM Magazine,  “Every year we recognize one company that demonstrates unmistakable success, innovation, the use of industry best practices, and notable growth and accomplishments.” If you think your company could be the next DotY, Don’t hesitate to nominate yourself!

6. NSCA’s 13thannual Business & Leadership Conference

It’s rough out there. Like the blizzard in Colorado; you can only see five feet in front of you when driving, but eventually you get to where you need to go. Has your business been affected by this blizzard of an economy? How do you survive it?

NSCA’s Business & Leadership Conference which will be held February 17-19 in San Diego California is an event where attendees talk to their peers, gather ideas and take home solutions and action items to put into business models to improve strategies in this uncertain economy.

It’s the one place to come and get real life solutions to real life problems!

5. PSA’s January Vendor Partner Update

Read the headlines PSA Vendor Partners are making in the security industry! From product announcements, vendor news, and our corporate partners brochure, be sure to keep your company in the loop! If you have a submission to be featured in PSA’s VPU, please send it to Marketing@PSAsecurity.comon the second Wednesday of each month!

4. New Lower Rates on Project Financing

Bill Bozeman announces lower rates for the PSA Project Financing Program! Brought to you by Susquehanna Bank and PSA Security Network, learn why this Project Financing Program is right for your company and see the benefits of Project Financing over Leasing.

psa-logo-teal-copyrightSusquehanna Bank Logo

3. PSA Launches Video e-Newsletter

By now, you might have come across a few G2 Reports, a video e-newsletter posted by Bill Bozeman which discusses topics such as “the challenges integrators will face in the coming year and how IT integrator and electrical contractor businesses affect physical security integrators” as well as answering your questions you have about the security industry. If you have a question that you’d like Bill Bozeman to answer, please email

Remember to tune in every Thursday, but if you’ve missed a few of Bill’s G2 Reports, you can find them at

2. Have you gotten your booth at PSA-TEC?

If you haven’t gotten your booth at PSA-TEC, secure your booth today! This event is a great opportunity to meet and build relationships with the individuals who have a direct impact in integrator purchasing decisions.


1. Bill Bozeman gets a Facebook AND Twitter!

You might have seen Bill roaming around the social networking sites, but Bill is here to stay!

(Click the links to go directly to his pages)

Friend him on Facebook

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Read his blogs wordpress 

Bill invites you to follow him wherever he goes. Find out what he’s doing and where he’s going next!

Who: Attention all Business owners and managers!

What: NSCA’s 13th annual Business & Leadership Conference

Where: San Diego, California

When: February 17-19, 2011

Why: This is the only event in the industry where business managers and owners are surrounded by their peers. They can gain first-hand knowledge from each other as well as experts on issues affecting their business. Some issues include:

  • HR issues
  • Leadership
  • Management styles
  • Communication
  • Marketing

This event is held in an intimate venue where attendees talk to each other and gather ideas and take home real solutions and action items to put into business models to improve strategies in this uncertain economy.

NSCA’s Business & Leadership Conference is the one place to come and get real life solutions to real life problems!

Bill Bozeman sits on panel at BLC

Bill Bozeman, Chuck Wilson, and leading economist Dr. Lee McPheters describe how the overall economy impacts systems integrators at the micro-level. During the session, the panel will discuss the confusion and uncertainty of the conflicting economic news which makes business decision making difficult. “Bill and I will distill the information from Dr. McPheters bringing it home for the security and A-V integration industry,” said Wilson. “They will share the data and what it means for system integrator which leads to this important question: What should we be doing right now?”

NSCA and PSA Relationship

NSCA and PSA not only share a lot of members, we share in the belief that education and best practices will make for a better systems contracting company.  We have partnered on events such as the BLC and PSA-TEC conference as well as programs such as insurance that help both organizations members save time and money.  Like NSCA, PSA strives to have the finest companies with the most qualified personnel on their roster.  We share a common philosophy that in the long run the best companies will be successful.  Our common purpose is to support them in every way possible.  Often times that means sharing resources and best practices between the organizations.”

-Chuck Wilson, Executive Director from NSCA discusses PSA and NSCA relationship

To sum up, the Business & Leadership Conference will provide attendees the strategies to recover from the economy and discuss proven ideas to run a more profitable and productive business which is much needed in an uncertain economy like today.

To register for this year’s Business and Leadership Conference February 17-19, 2011 at Rancho Bernardo Inn Golf Resort & Spa click

SDM Magazine: Dealer of the Year

Have you ever wondered how SDM Magazine chooses its annual Dealer of the Year? With so many remarkable dealers in the industry, an in-depth process is needed to make this determination. SDM Magazine launched the Dealer of the Year awards program 31 years ago allowing companies to shine in all the areas of excellence. Every year, SDM Magazine “recognizes one company that demonstrates unmistakable success, innovation, the use of industry best practices, and notable growth and accomplishments,” said Heather Klotz-Young, Senior Editor of SDM Magazine. “Companies of every size have earned the award and inspired us with the unique ways they’ve approached their business, the industry, and the community around them.” Every year applicants exhibit their notable accomplishments as well as great excellence in their business. “The applications, and the final winner, truly are a snapshot of everything great about the security industry,” said Klotz-Young.

The process of determining Dealer of the Year:

1.       This process begins earlier in the year with a nomination process of the companies that are interested in participating in the program and can meet the qualifications below:

§  Your company must have been in business at least three years as of the year applying.

§  Your company must be in the business of selling and installing electronic security and related systems to residential and/or non-residential markets.

§  Your company must derive more than 50 percent of its revenue from the sale, lease, installation, service, and/or monitoring of these systems.

Most interested participants nominate themselves to receive the application in May, June, and July. The deadline to complete and return the nomination form is July 15, 2011.

2.       SDM then sends out an application to all qualified participants. The deadline to return this application is August 31, 2011.

3.       The application is then reviewed by a panel of judges as they look over the company as well as provided statements from the company. For example, a company can provide the judges with press releases and other media content. The panel of judges looks at five categories which include: Stability of the company and its appeal as a prospective employer; Pattern of long-term growth; Market strengths and viability of business plan; Company accomplishments; Industry and community participation.

4.       Each applicant is then scored using a point system by each individual judge. The judges then reconvene to determine a winner.

5.      The winner is then called in for a photo shoot and interview to be published in the December issue of SDM Magazine. Since this stage occurs two to three months prior to the release date, the winner has to keep it a secret a long time!

So if you think that your company could be the next Dealer of the Year, don’t hesitate. Nominate yourself this 2011 year and you could be the next name on the list of Dealer of the Year winners below!

Prior SDM Dealers of the Year

1 -1980: Beltway Alarm

2 – 1981: Denver Burglar Alarm

3 – 1982: Commonwealth Security

4 – 1983: AEI Technologies

5 – 1984: Alarm Detection Systems*

6 – 1985: Central District Alarm

7 – 1986: Eastern Security Systems

8 – 1987: Sentry Protective Systems

9 – 1988: The Greater Alarm Co. & Safe Systems Inc.* (two winners)

10 – 1989: Security Inc.

11 – 1990: Consolidated Southern Security Inc.

12 – 1991: Smith Alarm

13 – 1992: National Security Service

14 – 1993: Metrol Security Services

15 – 1994: Security Tech Associates Inc.*

16 – 1995: Custom Alarm/Custom Communications Inc.*

17 – 1996: Mountain Alarm*

18 – 1997: Doyle Security Systems*

19 – 1998: Bay Alarm Company*

20 – 1999: Guardian Protection Services Inc.*

21 – 2000: CPI Security Systems*

22 – 2001: Trans-Alarm*

23 – 2002: Safeguard Security & Communications*

24 – 2003: Vector Security*

25 – 2004: Atronic Alarms*

26 – 2005: HSM (Honeywell Security Monitoring)

27 – 2006: Alert Alarm of Hawaii*

28 – 2007: Ackerman Security*

29 – 2008: ASG Security*

30 – 2009: Stanley CSS*

31 – 2010: The Protection Bureau*

*still in business

PSA Owner Companies

SIA’s Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Town

On January 27th at 2PM ET, SIA will host a “town hall” style webinar for members and interested stakeholders about current implementation of the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program as it relates to the DHS Risk-Based Performance Standards (RBPS), which prescribe certain performance based security measures and practices that have to be met by facilities regulated under CFATS without mandating a specific technology or solution.  The presenter lineup is outstanding with perspectives from both DHS and end-users.


  • John Romanowich, President & CEO, SightLogix (moderator)
  • Sue Armstrong, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Gregory Eatmon, Global Security Manager, Baker Hughes
  • Clyde Miller, Director, Corporate Security, BASF Corporation

Please feel free to extend an invitation for your businesses to attend this webinar at no cost.   If interested please email to be added to the registration list.

When The Protection Bureau says, “We are BIG enough to protect, small enough to care,” they are not exaggerating. To prove this statement, SDM Magazine gave their 2010 Dealer of the Year award to a company who stepped up during the hard economic times and took advantage of implementing a new growth strategy. To see the full story of The Protection Bureau in SDM Magazine click here.

Protection Bureau -member of the PSA Security Network

In a recent interview with Matthew Ladd, President and chief operating officer of The Protection Bureau, he gave us a brief history of his company’s relationship with PSA Security. TPB has been a member of PSA Security Network for ten years (since his father Keith Ladd was President) and has been a big supporter of PSA and vice versa. “We have been involved in PSA-TEC since it was originally held in Denver, Colorado,” said Ladd, who also sits on PSA’s Leadership Committee and the First Successful PEG (Peer Exchange Group). “It has been a positive experience working with PSA.”

The SDM Magazine article states “that offensive, connection-driven, technological focus is one of the main reasons why SDM chose The Protection Bureau as its 2010 Dealer of the Year.” With TPB’s implementation of new managed systems weProtect (as well as helping to create the system) and their Customer Care initiative, they have been able to be successful during the rough economic times. “We have been able to adapt during these tougher times and invest ourselves in the people, the system, and the customer offerings- we are able to grow,” said Ladd, “And we are proud to be recognized with this award. PSA has been a very important part of TPB and has helped us with our success!”

Congratulations to The Protection Bureau for winning a well-deserved Dealer of the Year award!

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